Is Storied an imprint of Jacana’s?  
No, Storied is set up as a separate company, in which Jacana has invested 51%.

How will Storied make publishing decisions?
With input from an editorial board made up of representatives from Jacana Media and from qualified representatives that can add value to the board.

What does Jacana bring to Storied?
More than 15 years of publishing experience, infrastructure, marketing expertise and extensive sales channels.

How independent will Storied be from Jacana?
Jacana is a shareholder in Storied, but editorial decisions will be made by the Storied editorial board.

How can I keep up to date with information on Storied?
There will be regular updates on the Storied website, and once the campaign has closed shareholders will receive updates on a quarterly basis.

How do I buy shares?
Through the Uprise.Africa platform, which takes you directly to the Storied project page. As per FICA regulations, you will be required to upload a South African ID document or your passport, and a proof of residence document such as utility bill that is three months old or less.

How is Storied fiction different from Jacana fiction?
It is not. What makes Storied different will be its investment in the development of writers and editors. Storied is committed to nurturing emerging writers and editors, to marketing its fiction titles to ensure a wider reach and to exploring distribution channels that will contribute to increased access for our books.

In what ways will Storied invest in our stories?
Storied will invest in emerging writers and editorial talent through bursary programmes. It will donate 10% of its annual print run to schools, hospitals and prisons. Independent booksellers will be supported through preferential discount rates.

What will the R3 million be used for?
The R3 million raised will go towards the editorial, production, cover design, printing and marketing of its books. Creative writing and editing bursaries will be offered annually to develop emerging writers.

When will I start seeing a profit?
Storied will only be profitable from Year 4 of operations in 2021.

Who will be on the board of Storied?
Representatives from Jacana and from our public investors. Investors can nominate themselves or their representatives (if the shares are a group purchase) to sit on the Storied board.

Will I be able to buy books at a discounted price if I own shares?
No. Storied will give preferential discounts to independent booksellers to support their growth.

Will I be able to influence what gets published?
No, unless you or a representative has been elected to the editorial board, which will make the publication decisions.

Who will find the books and/or authors that Storied will publish?
Storied publishers will look for books and authors that Storied will publish.

How will writers submit their manuscripts?
Through a submission process that Storied will announce once the crowdfunding campaign has closed.

What will Jacana’s contribution to Storied be?
Jacana’s contribution to Jacana is the infrastructure of an existing publishing company, experienced editorial, production, publishing, sales and marketing teams and broad industry networks.