Mzansi Reads: 5 of the Best Novels Set in South Africa

Source: Mzansi Reads: 5 of the Best Novels Set in South Africa By LAUREN LEBLANC Mzansi Reads: 5 of the Best Novels Set in South Africa o many today, South Africa is best known for its gorgeous coastline, vineyards, hospitality, and adventure sports. All trademarks of a fantastic tourist hot spot. But beyond this fresh

Why creative writing and fiction matter to developing societies

      Reading, writing, editing and producing fiction has a unique ability to engage the empathetic human intellect.In South Africa, dialogue on racial anger and inter-generational differences is carried out over social media, which has become a dominant force in our lives. Opportunities for the meaningful sharing of stories, experiences and opinions have declined

The South African creative-writing sector

      6 million adult fiction & non-fiction books were published and sold in South Africa in 2016; 84% of these were non-fiction sales       South African fiction sold: 414,865 books. 344,461 Afrikaans novels and only 69,787 English novels       The English language fiction market makes up 16% of the total

About Storied

The entity, drawing on Jacana’s experience in the publishing industry, will reinvent the local creative-writing and fiction sector through targeted financial investment and innovation. Storied will use Jacana’s intellectual capital and operational footprint to nurture South African voices and help them tell their stories. The initiative builds on the existing work of the Jacana Literary

Fiction publishers need innovative solutions

Most South Africans are not reading local fiction because, for many, it is not relatable. As a result, South African publishers must accept enormous financial losses each time they publish a novel by a local writer. For many traditional publishers, the extent of these losses is so significant that it is no longer commercially viable

Returns to investing in Storied

A share of Storied is R300. The minimum investment for ownership in Storied in R1 200. That is, 4 shares of storied. What does that mean for you, the investor? Other than owning 0.0196% of Storied, an up-and coming fiction publisher of South African and African fiction, you will become part of the movement. You will